I began my internship at the DSRG Lab at the end of September. I work with the Graduate Student, Venkatesh Raghavan, for five hours a week, learning many new things each week. Here is a detailed report of what I did each week:

Week 1 (September 26 - October 1)

During my first week, I made my DSRG webpage, which is hosted on Davis. I made this webpage using Microsoft Frontpage.

Week 2 (October 1 - October 7)

During my second week, I learned some Unix commands. The commands I learned were ls, ls -la, cd, mkdir, chmod, rm, mv, and pine. I used the program PuTTY to experiment with these commands.

Week 3 (October 8 - October 14)

This week, I was introduced to a little bit of Java.

Week 4 (October 22 - October 28)