• What is the RainbowCore system?

The first Rainbow Core v1.0 release requires a Java Virtual Machine version 1.3 or later installed. It is tested with JVM version 1.3.1, on a Windows 2000 and Windows XP system, but should also run on Windows 9X, ME, NT. It was also tested on Linux. It can also run on other systems since it is a pure Java implementation. Rainbow Core can run in either command line mode or in GUI mode.

  • How to set up the system?

Here is the user's guide telling you how to start. (readme.pdf).


  • What do we support?

Rainbow Core engine V1.0 supports XQuery (see the XQuery standard section),
particularly FLWR expressions with some limitations such as:
* User-defined functions are not supported.
* If-then-else is not supported
* We support only the following XPath axis: child, "//" and "*".

We include with this release 67 different XQuery FLWR expressions with which you can test the Rainbow
Core engine. These queries can be found in the following subdirectories:

  • RainbowCore/Xopt/ 17 Queries
    RainbowCore/Xmark 14 Queries
    RainbowCore/widm/ 7 Queries
    RainbowCore/Kweelt/XMP/ 7 Queries
    RainbowCore/Kweelt/TREE/ 2 Queries
    RainbowCore/Kweelt/SEQ/ 2 Queries
    RainbowCore/Kweelt/R/ 18 Queries

    Here is the test cases we have fully tested. Give it a try! (testcase.htm)