Case Study: Voyager Plasma Data

This data set consists of 744 data points acquired over 1 month (Jan. 95) from the Voyager 2 mission. 12 parameters are included: Date, hour, distance, latitude, longitude, BR in RTN, BT in RTN, BN in RTN, B Magnitude, plasma velocity, plasma density, and plasma temperature. It was obtained in ASCII format via NSSDC COHOWeb and converted to XmdvTool format. Since 4 of the parameters (BR, BT, BN, and B) did not change, they were selectively disabled by the user from within XmdvTool.

Cluster of High Plasma Velocity

The scatterplot matrix for this data set showed an interesting clustering in the plasma velocity. By further elimination of parameters from display we could isolate this phenomena, which is shown highlighted by brushing over the cluster. The highlighted points in the other displays verifies that this cluster occurred during the later part of the month when the distance was at its maximum for the time period.

Matthew O. Ward (