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My Researches

This page has the research diary that is going to be updated according to my research status.

Research Issues:

bulletXML Update Related:
bullet Investigate the reasonable way to do XML updates.
bulletHow XML updates and DTD updates related?[Review][Idea]
bulletHow to synchronize XML documents that are transfered by XSLT?[cs525bS00-proj]
bulletHow to map the XML updates into RDB
bulletXML Change
bulletDTD Change
bulletHow to map the RDB updates back to XML
bulletConcurrent updates on both XML and RDB
bulletMapping Related:
bulletHow to transfer XQL into SQL.
bulletGenerate Relational Schema[XMLSchema] from XML Schema.
bulletFurther research on mapping to RDB in more general case
bulletTo handle more than one level grouping
bulletGeneral Inline Techniques
bulletWhat benefits if we map XML into ORDB or other advanced DBMS?
bulletHow to optimize the mapping based on requirement of the query on XML or RDB?
bulletQuery Language for Specifying the Reconstruction of Metadata? Is that SQL or some extended-SQL?
bulletHow to better handle ANY typed Item?
bulletImplementation Related:
bulletPut PSWEEP experiments implementation back to DAVIS CVS respository.
bulletPaper Submission:
bulletPublish PSWEEP paper to ER'00 in end of March.

Brian Storm:

bullet[metadata+] repository: What's a metadata+ repository? Usually, either a database is structure oriented, e.g., DB2, Oracle, PSE etc.; or semi-structure oriented, e.g., Lorel, Rochade, etc. They are either very efficient on organizing a large amount of data, but very poor on restructing, or very efficient on restructuring, but poor on large amount of data. Is there any database system that can be both good on managing large amount of data and also the restructuring? That's a database on top of other databases, it has all kinds of import and export functions on both the metadata level and the data level of other database systems. It can "understand" other databases, and can work with them. I call this metadata+ database system, that is used to clean, integrate, and restructuring user's data stored in other database systems.