Use Cases

One key application we are working with the head of infection control at University of Mass Memorial Hospital on is the monitoring of hygiene compliance in healthcare settings with acute diseases where such technology may prevent spread of diseases, resulting in cost savings and loss of life. In close collaboration with staff from the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center, our web-based tracking prototype has been installed in two intensive care units, and its effectiveness in helping to promote hygiene and thus positively impact infections has been tested. Real-time reminder services include tracking of individual health care workers, of groups such as nurses, interns, or doctors, all the way up to the overall performance status in a given location (one intensive care unit versus another one). Comparison across time, space, and personnel is critical to quickly observe unusual behavior and/or trends and to take actions in real-time, whenever appropriate.

A clinical trial of a subset of the technology developed has been undertaken at the UMASS Memorial hospital (and published) - that demonstrates the effectiveness in increased hygiene induced by our CEP monitoring technology.

A patent application has been filed on parallel research efforts supported by a UMASS/WPI collaborative grant related to CEP tracking in hospital environments, namely, on the Active Complex Event Processing innovation.

In addition, three other patents on the Ecube and NEEL complex event processing technologies have been filed in collaboration with HP Labs.