Rainbow Software Release


RainbowCore 1.0

RainbowCore is an XQuery processing engine using XQuery decorrelation, rewriting and optimization techniques and a unified general-purpose XML Query Algebra named XAT (XML Algebra Tree), serving as a solid yet scalable foundation for extended XML-based applications. First release of RainbowCore 1.0 can be found here.

Other release tasks in progress:

    RainFall 1.0 ---- Updating system for supporting XML view update.
    VoX 1.0 ---- Order sensitive view maintenance.
    MQO 1.0 ---- Multiple Xquery Optimization using Materialized XML Views.

Contact Us

    - Please report bugs to www.sourceforge.com.
    - Please contact RainbowGroup(WPI) if you have problems, questions or comments.
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