After having been tenure-track faculty at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for a few years, I enjoyed WPI in 1997 (link)


DSRG Publications

Main Projects


Current Research Projects

  • CAPE: Continuous Query Processing System
  • D-CAPE: Distributed Continous Query Processing System
  • Raindrop: XQueries Over XML Streams (Automaton Meets Algebra)
  • CQ: Multiple Continuous Query Processor
  • Dyda: Distributed Large-scale Data Warehousing
  • Rainbow: Bridging XML and Relational Databases
  • XCache: Caching XML Queries in Client-Server Systems
  • XmdvTool: Multi-dimensional Visual Information Exploration and Discovery over Large Data Sets
  • more...
  • Past Research Projects

  • MASS: A Multi-Axis Storage Structure for Large XML Documents.
  • VAMANA: An Efficient XPath Engine Exploiting MASS Index
  • Sangam: Middlelayer Meta-Data Services for Powerful Information Integration
  • MetaDis: Meta-data Discovery Using Graph Algorithms
  • Argos: Maintaining XQL View Queries under XML Data Source Updates
  • EVE: Data Warehousing over Dynamic Distributed Sources
  • OODB Tools for Supporting Complex Evolutionary Software Systems
  • Active, Adaptive On-Line Catalogs for Electronic Commerce
  • An Experimental Testbed for Complex Information Services
  • OODB View Technology: Foundation, Systems and Application
  • MMVIS: A MultiMedia Visual Information Seeking Environment
  • Active Object-Oriented DBMS for Discrete Control
  • Powerful Web Site Management Using OODB Technology
  • IBM Toronto: Managing Data for Electronic Commerce
  • more...

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