• An award has been issued by the EPTS Processing Society to our team, namely, to Di Wang, Prof.Rundensteiner, and Dr. D. Ellison in the form of the EPTS Innovative Principles Award 2011 for workon ``Active Complex Event Processing'', IBM, Yorktown Heights, July 11, DBES 2011.

  • The MS student, Yingmei Qi, participating in this NSF project has been selected as the final candidate to represent the Computer Science Department in the WPI I3 ('i3: Investing in Ideas with Impact) competition in Spring 2012. She was one of 11 finalists at the campus wide event. Each student contestant guves enterpreneurial pitches on their research to a panel of judges composed of trustees, advisory board members, and faculty. Yingmei Qi pitched her stream aggregation research inthis competition for which she was selected to be among the 11 finalists.

  • The undergraduate senior level project, entitled "Hyreminder: A Hand Hygiene Tracking System with Mobile Sensors" by the five WPI undergraduate students, Leah Greer, Christian Mortensen, CoreyPhillips, Hanxiong Shi, and Jeffery Stokes, has been awarded the 2013 best Provost MQPProject Award in CS Department. This work was done in collaboration with Dr. Ellison at the UMASS Medical Center.

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