We are thankful for the support from NSF and other agencies and industries as listed below for this Complex Event Analytics research project.
  1. IIS - 1018443 III: Complex Event Analytics, Rundensteiner, Elke A. (PI). Fall 2010-2015. (no cost extension)
  2. HP Lab Innovation Research Grant 2009-2011. (official site)
  3. UMMS-WPI  CCTS Collaborative Grant 2009-2011 for a collaboration between WPI and UMass Medical School on the project entitled "Development and Testing of an Electronic Infection Control Reminder  System for Healthcare Workers.
  4. NSF 1018443 III:Complex Event Analytics, REU - Research Experiences for Undergraduates, 2011-2015.
  5. MQP projects on Scalable Fraud Detection and Complex Event Processing, ACI Worldwide.

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