Package DSRG.VKB

Interface Summary
VKB_MKB This is a interface between VKB and MKB.
VKB_MKB_Attribute The interface between VKB and MKB.Attribute.
VKB_MKB_Relation Interface between VKB and MKB.Relation.

Class Summary
ArrayConvert it is also used to convert the integer values back to boolean values
Attribute_Component Represents the Attribute component in the View Definition.
Condition Abstract class of Local_Condition and Join_Conditon.
Condition_Component Condition View component.
Condition_index A vector stores all the conditions.
Join_Condition Join Condition of view Definition.
Local_Condition Local Condition appread in the SELECT clause.
Operator This class represents the operator between two operands.
Primitive_Value Primitive Value will include long, double, and string.
QC this class is needed to support the QC-Model.
Relation_Component It's the relation component.
Type Type will implement some of Oracle's types.
ValueClassRA eg.
Version this class is needed to support the QC-Model.
View_Component It's a abstract class of Attribute, Relation and Condition.
View_Definition Represents the View definition.
VKB This VKB class represents the VKB of EVE system.

Exception Summary
NoSuchMonthException Used for Type class.