Class RPUSet


public class RPUSet
extends UpdateDataSet
implements java.io.Serializable

Class of Related Processed Update. It will store all the processed data update but still need for concurrent DU detection.

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Serialized Form

Fields inherited from class EVEDemo.PSWEEP.UpdateDataSet
enum, Set
Constructor Summary
          Construct a RPUSet.
Method Summary
 void cleanUp(PPUSet ppu)
          Clean up the useless Data updates in the RPU.
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addElement, elementAt, exists, peek, peekNext, removeElement, size
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Constructor Detail


public RPUSet()
Construct a RPUSet.
Method Detail


public void cleanUp(PPUSet ppu)
Clean up the useless Data updates in the RPU. The useless data updates are those updates elder than all the data updates in the PPU.
ppu - the Parallel Processing Update set.