Class SendUpdates


public class SendUpdates
extends java.lang.Thread
implements java.io.Serializable

Class SendUpdates is a process running on the IS site it will detect the update of IS and then send it to DW by MultiQueue

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Field Summary
(package private)  CreateUpdateFile cuf
          used to detect the update.
(package private) static int MAXSNO
(package private)  int MyIndex
          Global object for ISProcess.
(package private)  MultiQueue publicFIFOChannel
          Global Object for ISProcess.
(package private)  DataUpdateReceiver Receiver
          The Receiver where SendUpdates will get the Data Updates.
(package private) static int sno
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Constructor Summary
SendUpdates(MultiQueue FIFOChannel, int ISnumber)
Method Summary
 void run()
 void setCUF(CreateUpdateFile u)
          Set the CUF for this sendupdate message.
 void setReceiver(DataUpdateReceiver dur)
          Set the Receiver of this SendUpdate Module.
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Field Detail


MultiQueue publicFIFOChannel
Global Object for ISProcess.


int MyIndex
Global object for ISProcess. describes current IS's number


CreateUpdateFile cuf
used to detect the update.


DataUpdateReceiver Receiver
The Receiver where SendUpdates will get the Data Updates.


static int sno


static final int MAXSNO
Constructor Detail


public SendUpdates(MultiQueue FIFOChannel,
                   int ISnumber)
Method Detail


public void setReceiver(DataUpdateReceiver dur)
Set the Receiver of this SendUpdate Module. It's for Andreas Performance Test.


public void setCUF(CreateUpdateFile u)
Set the CUF for this sendupdate message.


public void run()
run in class java.lang.Thread