What is MATTERS?

The Massachusetts Technology, Talent, and Economic Reporting System (MATTERS) is an online analytics dashboard empowered by a powerful dynamic data integration infrastructure. Extracting data sets across various public government data sites, the system allows users to quickly access, analyze and visualize a number of key factors impacting the economic competitiveness of US states. This project is a collaboration between the Massachusetts High Technology Council (MHTC) and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Under the supervision of Professor Elke Rundensteiner, students at WPI have worked with experts from high tech industry, research organizations, and higher education institutions developing this tool.


Incorporating data from many public sources, MATTERS provides a platform for users to compare cost, talent, and economic indicators across states and over time. The website was launched at the MHTC annual meeting in Newton, MA in February 2015, where Governor Charlie Baker praised the project saying “Our administration is committed to using data to identify and advance pro-growth economic policies and we are excited about using MATTERS as a primary tool in those efforts.”

MATTERS Tutorial