Raindrop: Scalable, Adaptive XQuery Subscription System over XML Streams

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RAINDROP: A XQuery Processing Engine for XML Stream Data


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Related Works

Selected Work on WPI CAPE Project

  • Elke A. Rundensteiner, Luping Ding, Timothy Sutherland, Yali Zhu, Brad Pielech, Nishant Mehta, CAPE: Continuous Query Engine with Heterogeneous-Grained Adaptivity, Accepted Software Demonstration, VLDB 2004.

  • Yali Zhu, Elke A. Rundensteiner and George T. Heineman, Dynamic Plan Migration for Continuous Queries over Data Streams, SIDMOG 2004 Conference, Paris, France, June 2004. (pdf) (ps)

  • Luping Ding, Nishant Mehta, Elke A. Rundensteiner and George T. Heineman, Joining Punctuated Streams (pdf), EDBT'04 Conference.

  • Luping Ding, Elke A. Rundensteiner and George T. Heineman, MJoin: A Metadata-Aware Stream Join Operator (pdf), SIGMOD WORKSHOP, DEBS'03.

Selected Work on Automata

  • Makoto Onizuka, Light-weight XPath Processing of XML Stream with Deterministic Automata, CIKM 2003.

  • Luc Segoufin et al., Validating Streaming XML Documents, PODS 2001.

  • Todd J. Green et al., Processing XML Streams with Deterministic Automata, ICDT 2003

Selected Work on XML Filtering

Selected Work on XML Query Processing

  • Ashish Kumar Gupta et al., Stream Processing of XPath Queries with Predicates, SIGMOD 2003

  • S. Al-Khalifa, H. V. Jagadish, et al., Structural Joins: A Primitive for Efficient XML Query Pattern Matching. ICDE 2002.

  • N. Bruno, N. Koudas et al. Holistic Twig Joins: Optimal XML Pattern Matching. SIGMOD 2002.

  • Feng Peng et al., XPath Queries on Streaming Data, SIGMOD 2003.

Selected Work on Schema-based Optimization


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Raindrop Coming!

Raindrop Coming!

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