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PhD Program

Welcome to my professional web site!

My name is Xin Zhang. This is my second year of my PhD program here. I got my master degree last Summar (May, 99).

I am a member of Database System Research Group (DSRG) since 1997.

This web site will contains most part of my PhD research related information, including: my PhD committee information, research plan, publications, a comprehensive resume, and courses.

I hope you enjoy the my website. If you got any comments, send Email to That will be really helpful.

Have a nice day!

News and Events:

bullet5/14/2001: Proposal (ps, pdf) is available online.
bullet1/31/01: Resume page is updated with new publications.
bullet2/1/00: Courses page is updated with GPA and CGPA filled.
bullet2/1/00: New info about changes of XML data.
bullet2/1/00: Reference page is updated.
bullet1/31/00: First Investigation of XML Update.
bulletResearch Diary is created at 1/28/00
bulletResume is created at 1/27/00
bulletCourses is created at 1/27/00
bulletPublications is created at 1/27/00
bulletPhD Program Homepage is created at 1/26/00
Short Cuts:
bulletMy Personal Homepage at
bulletDBLP Search Engine (ACM SIGMOD Mirror).
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