The HIT automaton below models the online auction sales which allows multiple auctions to take place at the same time according to the following rules: During the first 20 minutes of an auction, bidders are registered. If less than two bidders are enrolled, the auction closes. Otherwise, items are presented one after another. The price offered in a bid must be higher than the price of a previous bid. If there is no single bid for an item during 30 seconds after the item has been described, the item is not sold and the auction either terminates or continues with the next item offer. If there are bids, a hammer beat takes place after 30 seconds without bids and hammer beats for the item. After 3 subsequent hammer beats, the item is sold. Further items may be offered until the auction terminates.

(Please publish the auction example here such that the automaton and the stream are predefined and cannot be changed, i.e., the user can only push the buttons "Back", "Start" and "Next" to view the runtime execution. In this case, HITvis does not have to be really connected to CHAOS. You can read the entire information needed for runtime execution from predefined files.)