The HIT model

Real-time reactive applications from supply chain tracking to health care data analytics have increasingly gained on importance and complexity. To facilitate the specification of involved event-based application semantics, we introduce a novel model HIT that finds a middle ground between a specification composed of a large set of low-level queries versus a high-level graphical workflow description. The workflow is captured by the Hierarchical Instantiating Timed automaton (HIT), while succinct queries are formulated within its states which provide valuable context for launching query execution. HIT models an arbitrary number of event-driven sequential or concurrent hierarchical processes as required for realization of complex real-world applications using a succinct yet expressive specification.

The HITvis tool

HITvis is a visual drag-and-drop tool which allows for:

 Comprehensible graphical workflow modeling of complex event-driven applications as Hierarchical Instantiating Timed automata (HIT),

 Easy workflow management at different levels of abstraction,

 Succinct specification of involved temporal, data, cardinality, causality event and/or process interdependencies,

 Upload of real or user-defined event streams,

 Visualization of the run-time execution of a HIT automaton against an event stream,

 Learning of the HIT model.