Welcome to the WPI Database Systems Research Group. We are a group of faculty, researchers, and students who are working on new database projects .Our group focuses on research issues and project work related to very large database and information systems. Currently on-going projects include data warehousing over distributed heterogeneous information sources, object-oriented database and transformation tools, data-centric web site management and web middleware services, large-scale information visualization and discovery, multi-media query processing and optimization, distributed software systems, visual database interfaces, to just name a few. Our general methodology is to build systems to evaluate the feasibility and usefulness of our ideas as appropriate.

Elke Rundensteiner Wins 2007 Creative Scholarship Award
The Computer Science Department is very pleased and proud to announce that Professor Elke Rundensteiner is the winner of the 2007 Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship. The full citation for the award mentions her seminal work, and her international reputation as a scholar in the area of databases. More than 20 external scholars provided glowing letters of recommendation. One of Elke's ex-PhD students said that "Elke is a source of inspiration, a mentor and a superb role model".

Latest Publications:


  • S. Wang, L. Wang and E. A. Rundensteiner, Isolating Order Semantics in Order-Sensitive XQuery-to-SQL Translation, BNCOD'07, 24th British National Conference on Databases, (full paper), 5th July, 2007, Glasgow, Scotland.(pdf).
  • M. Li, M. Liu, L. Ding, E. A.Rundensteiner and M. Mani, Event Stream Processing with Out-of-Order Data Arrival, DEPSA'07,First International Workshop on Distributed Event Processing, Systems and Applications(ICDCS '07) , June 29,2007, Toronto,Canada. (pdf).
  • V. Raghavan, E. A. Rundensteiner, J. Woycheese, A. Mukherji, FireStream: Sensor Stream Processing for Monitoring Fire Spread, April 18th ICDE '07. (demonstration), (pdf).


Current Projects:

 RAINDROP: XQueries Over XML Streams (Automaton Meets Algebra)

CAPE: Continuous Adaptive Processing Engine

XMDV: Visual Exploration Support for Data Mining and Discovery


Weekly Meeting:

WHEN: Thursdays, 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm
WHERE: Beckett Conference Room, Fuller Labs. 246.
All are welcome to attend


Fuller Labs Entrance

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