Join Our User Group

If you are a current XmdvTool user, or are contemplating using the system, we invite you to join the Xmdv Users Group.  Via this mechanism, we can distribute information about recent developments, and users can send queries to the group regarding issues such as using the tool within particular domains or importing data of different types into the system.  We also hope
to use it as a forum for identifying desireable features for future releases, as well as a method for locating and resolving bugs.

If you'd like to join, send e-mail to  Leave the Subject line blank, and the one-line message should be
subscribe xmdv-users

You will then get an authorization code that you'd again send to majordomo confirming the address to be added to the mailing list.  To remove yourself from the mailing list, just send e-mail to with the one-line message
unsubscribe xmdv-users

unsubscribe xmdv-users my_email_address@wherever

If you have any troubles with the mailing list, please contact