2 - 14 - 16

Kaiyu, Matthew, Elke and Huong win the Kostas Pantazos Memorial Award for Outstanding Paper in VDA 2016. [Certificate]

9 - 30 - 14

Celebrating XmdvTool 20 years and Prof. Matthew Ward's IEEE VPG Award Winning. [Link]

10 - 20 - 10

XmdvTool8.0 was released. See Downloads:XmdvTool section.

11 - 09 - 06

A small bug of XmdvTool7.0 for colors of hierarchical displays was fixed.  Please redownload it if you downloaded it before this day.

10 - 26 - 06

XmdvTool7.0 was released. See Downloads:XmdvTool section.

01 - 21 - 03

New documents were added to the Documents Section: (1) Interactive Poster: XmdvTool: Interactive Visual Data Exploration System For High-dimensional Data Sets, (2) Prefetching for Visual Data Exploration.

08 - 23 - 02

A new document was added to the Documents Section: InterRing: An Interactive Tool for Visually Navigating and Manipulating Hierarchical Structures.

07 - 12 - 02

XmdvTool5.0 was released. See Downloads:XmdvTool section.

06 - 06 - 02

A new document was added to the Documents Section: Visual Hierarchical Dimension Reduction for Exploration of High Dimensional Datasets

04 - 22 - 02

Two new documents have been added in the Documents Section: (1) Hierarchical Visualization Techniques for Data Mining, and (2) Order, Spacing, and Clustering in Visual Exploration of Large Scale Data.

03 - 13 - 02

A technical report has been added to the Documents page.

All documents are in PDF format, however, several documents are now available gzipped in the PS format.

02 - 26 - 02

A new tool has been added to the Translation Tools in the Downloads section. Users can now convert a comma-delimited file into an Xmdv .okc format.

02 - 20 - 02

The Documents section now has an abstract or summary for each document listed. This allows the searches to pick up on topics within documents that were not previously available before the abstracts.

02 - 04 - 02

A few modifications have been made to the site. These include a reorganization of the front page and the ability to search our site.

01 - 22 - 02

A new document has been released.

  • "XmdvTool: Visual Interactive Data Exploration and Trend Discovery of High-dimensional Data Sets"

To download it or read the description, click here.

01 - 17 - 02

Two new PDF files were added into the Documents section.

  • ``Interactive Hierarchical Displays: A General Framework for Visualization and Exploration of Large Multivariate Data Sets''
  • ``Hierarchical Exploration of Large Multivariate Data Sets'',
    Proc. Dagstuhl Seminar on Scientific Visualization
    2000. A shorter version of the above document without the user study

Click here to download or read the description of the files.

12 - 14 - 01

A bad has been replaced with the release version. Users who download this new file will not lack .dll files that may have been missing in the previous zip file.

12 - 12 - 01

The remodeling is finished and the new layout is online. Enjoy.

11 - 14 - 01

A new layout has been designed to help make the XmdvTool Home Page more usable. The improvements include a redesigned navigation bar and an Update bar. Any time the site is updated a new link will be added in the Update bar. This should help anyone who check's the site for new information. It should also be easy on the eyes!