CAPE: Constraint-exploiting Adaptive Processing Engine

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Related Projects
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The Most Closely Affiliated Project at WPI is the RAINDROP Project. RAINDROP focuses on the XML and XQUERY specific aspects of stream query processing.
Publications from RAINDROP include:

    Jinhui Jian, Hong Su and Elke A. Rundensteiner, Automaton Meets Query Algebra: Towards A Unified Model for XQuery Evaluation over XML Data Streams [pdf], ER'03 Conference, Chicago, Oct. 2003.

    Hong Su, Jinhui Jian and Elke A. Rundensteiner, RAINDROP: A Uniform and Layered Algebraic Framework for XQueries on XMLStreams [pdf], CIKM'03 Conference, New Orleans, Nov. 2003.

Other related projects:

    DMP CRA Sponsored Project, Summer 2004

    MQP Project: Applying Linear Road Benchmark to the CAPE, 2004-2005
    MQP Project Report Presentation Slides

    MQP Project: CAPE Graphical Query Planner, 2004-2005
    MQP Project Report Presentation Slides


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