Webpage/HTML Websites Building

The DSRG webpage was built after student studied the various database websites and how it feels to navigate those sites. The students then proposed a design diagram to show and explain how the website is going to work with all the necessary functions. For all the steps involved in creating the DSRG website please follow this link (link coming soon)

Professor Elke's Webpage page was built based on the web/css template for the DSRG with a few modifications. Professor Elke was actively involved in the various developmental stages during the building of her webpage to make it  a very professional page.

Building of Math Problems to help K-12 students

The Assistments program is designed to able to help 8th and  10th grade students pass the mathematics and science MCAS. Student working with the Assistments program were asked to create math problems based on past MCAS questions and also generate hints to help the users of Assistments to solve the various math problems efficiently and correctly

Bibliography Generator (BibTeX)

The Bibliography Generator (BibTeX) was designed by Venkatesh Raghavan and developed by Kwame Frempong Siriboe and Jun Qi. The implementation was done in HTML and javascripts.



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